Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona

Discover the best places to live off the grid in Arizona! From Graham to Coconino County, explore diverse landscapes and supportive off-grid communities.

Have you ever considered living off the grid in Arizona? Despite the challenges posed by the arid climate and scarcity of fresh water, many people are successfully embracing a self-sufficient lifestyle in this state. In fact, Arizona provides a variety of options for off-grid living, with diverse landscapes and unique settings that make it an attractive choice for those seeking independence from conventional utilities. From the stunning mountain views and abundant wildlife in Coconino County to the vast open spaces and ample sunshine in Mohave County, there are plenty of opportunities to create an off-grid paradise in Arizona. Plus, with a supportive network of off-grid communities, you’ll have access to knowledge, resources, and a sense of belonging as you embark on this alternative way of living.

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona

Living off the grid can be an adventurous and sustainable lifestyle choice. If you’re considering off-grid living in Arizona, there are several counties that offer great opportunities. While the lack of fresh water and the arid climate can pose challenges, there are still areas in Arizona where you can thrive off the grid. In this article, we will explore the top six counties in Arizona that are considered the best for off-grid living and homesteading. These counties include Graham County, Maricopa County, Pima County, Greenlee County, Gila County, and Coconino County.

Graham County

Graham County is an ideal place for off-grid living in Arizona. It receives higher annual rainfall compared to other parts of the state, making it easier to harvest rainwater legally. However, there are some restrictions and regulations to be aware of. The low population density in Graham County also contributes to the affordability of land and property. Currently, there are around 39,000 people living in an area of 4,641 square miles.

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona

Maricopa County

Maricopa County, despite having the highest population in the state, offers great potential for off-grid living. With its vast size, the county receives significantly higher amounts of yearly rainfall compared to other counties. The low population density, with around 4.5 million people spread across an area of 9,224 square miles, provides ample opportunities for off-grid living.

Pima County

Pima County, located in the southern part of Arizona, has areas that are suitable for off-grid living. The northern parts of the county generally receive higher annual rainfall, making them more conducive for off-grid lifestyles. The affordable price of land, thanks to the low population density, adds to its attractiveness for those looking to live off the grid. Currently, there are around 1 million people living in an area of 9,189 square miles.

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona

Greenlee County

Greenlee County, situated in the southeastern part of Arizona, is an excellent county for off-grid living, especially on a tight budget. The price of land in this county is highly affordable, and there are areas where fresh water sources are not a problem. With a low population density of around 10,000 people living in an area of 1,848 square miles, Greenlee County offers seclusion and a tight-knit off-grid living community.

Gila County

Gila County, located in the central part of the state, is another great option for off-grid living. The county generally does not face significant issues with a lack of fresh water. The low cost of living and property in Gila County make it an attractive place for those seeking an off-grid lifestyle. With around 54,000 people spread across an area of 4,796 square miles, the population is relatively small, and the county offers a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona

Coconino County

Coconino County is the largest county in Arizona, offering a multitude of options for off-grid living. The central and southern parts of Coconino County are particularly suitable for homesteading and living off the grid. The low population density and affordable cost of property in this vast county make it an excellent choice for those seeking self-sufficiency. Currently, there are around 144,000 people living in an area of 18,661 square miles.

Key Takeaways

Living off the grid in Arizona has its challenges, especially due to the lack of fresh water and the arid climate. However, the state provides a wealth of incredible options for off-grid living. Abundant sunshine makes solar power a reliable source of energy, and Arizona’s diverse landscapes offer access to natural resources and outdoor activities that support a self-sufficient lifestyle. Engaging with off-grid communities in the state can provide valuable support and a sense of belonging for those transitioning to an off-grid lifestyle.

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In Arizona


Can you legally live off-grid in Arizona?

Yes, it is legal to live off-grid in Arizona. The state has relatively lenient regulations and provides opportunities for sustainable and self-sufficient living.

Where is the easiest place to live off-grid?

The easiest place to live off-grid can vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances. Generally, rural areas with ample sunshine, access to water, and supportive communities can be good options.

Where is the cheapest place to live off the grid?

The cheapest place to live off the grid can vary depending on factors like land prices, cost of living, and availability of resources. Generally, areas with affordable land, low property taxes, and favorable climate conditions can be considered.

What is the easiest state to live off-grid?

The ease of living off-grid can vary from state to state. However, states with abundant natural resources, favorable climate, and supportive off-grid communities often provide a conducive environment for off-grid living.

Living off the grid in Arizona may present some challenges, but with careful planning and consideration of the counties mentioned above, you can find a place that suits your off-grid lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom and self-sufficiency that comes with living off the grid in one of the most beautiful states in the United States.

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